work for the construction of new zuari bridge to commence by november-december 2014

Goan Reporter News Services

09/06/2014 …. The work for the construction of the new zuari bridge would commence by november to december said Pwd minister sudhin dhavilkar on Monday

Speaking to goanreporter pwd minister sudhin dhavilkar said that the work for the construction of the zuari bridge was going on at a faster pace and the selected consultancy services would submit its project report to the pwd department by end of this month and once going through the report government of goa would send its report to ministry of road, transport and highways who then would further take the action on zuari bridge

Commenting on the number of frequent roads accidents taking place at various parts of the state Dhavlikar said that he was also concerned towards the issue even when roads of the state were in a good condition specially after national and state highways being tarred and he was also of the opinion that each and every driver of the vehicle should take a note to drive cautiously considering all the moter vehicles rules and regulations

On asked if there was a need of a suspension of the licence of a vehicle driver found in rash and negligent driving Dhavlikar said that most of the motor vehicles rules and regulations were from 80’s and he had brought this to the notice of the earlier minister’s who were also of the opinion of changing of some of the motor vehicles rules like fines and all which in the pipeline …

Dhavilakar was also of the opinion that alteast two thousand fines should be charged for those violating traffic rules while driving the vehicles and if required even suspension of license for six months