would take strict action on those employees who supported ferryboats two hour bandh strike says river navigation minister sudhin dhavlikar


panjim oct 2015 … River navigation minister sudhin dhavlikar has assured of taking strict action against those employees who had supported the two hour bandh of ferryboats to be stopped along the ferry routes in the state ..

It may be noted that locals residents from areas of diwar, st5 estevam, chorao and other villages connected through waterway had to face a lot of hardships on Monday morning as ferryboats were seen off from the ferry routes for two hours due to its demands which have been put forth before the state government

Speaking to media reporter’s aituc general secretary Christopher fonseca said that it was unfortunate that the ferryboat workers were forced to go on a strike even when a notice was served for an indefinite strike to the state government

Pwd minister sudhin dhavlikar said that action would be taken as per the law on whichever government employee had taken part in the two hour bandh …

Meanwhile ncp spokesperson trojano dmello said that the state government had not made any arrangements as far as ferryboats strike was concerned