Dated 20.08.2014 Press Release For the day as on 19.08.2014


 Pertaining to the cases registered at below mentioned Police Stations/Units are as under.


BICHOLIM PS: Shri Pushparaj s/o Ramesh Pednekar r/o Chimulwada- Mayem complained that on 18.08.14 between 01.30 to 06.00 hrs. at Chimulwada- Mayem, unknown culprit/s stole his black and green color Yamaha M/cycle No.GA-04-K-6166 W/rs.90,000/- approx. Cr.No.188/14 u/s 379 IPC is registered.

AGACAIM PS: On 19.08.14, one person namely Domingo Pereira, age 45 yrs., r/o Curca was brought dead at Casualty-GMC Bambolim as a case of drowning in water at Curca. U.D.No.28/14 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. is registered. PSI S. Shaikh is I.O.


MARGAO TOWN PS: Shri Kapil s/o Prakash Gade complained that on 19.08.14 at 17.30 hrs., accused person namely  Shamoyeed  S/o Abdul  Zaheer, driving Octiva  car  No. KA-03- MB-9758  drove his car in a rash and negligent manner without taking  proper care  and caution endangering  human life and  property   and damaged to  Santro  car  No. GA-08-F-6796. Cr.No.389/14 u/s 279, 427 IPC is registered.

VERNA PS: Shri Franky s/o Santano Valves, age 48 yrs., r/o Majilwada- Nagoa- Salcete complained that prior to 19.08.14 at 12.30 hrs.  by the side  of Verna  High way  opp. Monginis  Company – Verna,  unknown  accused  person  desecrated  catholic  cross and small  statue  of St. Francis  installed by the  side of the  said cross thus  insulted  the  religious sentiment of catholic community. Cr.No.118/14 u/s 295 IPC is registered. PSI A. Shirodkar is I. O.

SANGUEM PS: Smt. Joanita Sebestiao Vaz r/o Sanguem complained that on 18.08.14 at 23.40 hrs.  accused  Melbern Melwyn Abrew r/o  Chichinim  criminally  trespassed into her  house, abused her  in filthy  language and came  to  assault  her . Motive is previos enmity. Accused arrested and released on bail. Cr.No.23/14 u/s 448, 352, 504 IPC is registered. HC-4412 is I.O.


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