Civil Engineering Conference in the Asian Region( CECAR 9 ) the Exclusive Assemblia of Civil Engineering conference hosted by the Institution of Civil Engineers ( India) on the Theme Sustainable Design and Eco Technologies For Infrastructure was held in the city today. The award Ceremony was another event of the conference which was attended by the
the Governor of Goa, Shri P. S. Sreedharan Pillai.
The Governor, Shri Pillai addressing at the function said that we believe that world is one family. We aim that knowledge may come to us from any way from the world.  In the field of engineering the Governor said eastern countries are making remarkable development. Civili enginerring is as long as human civilization.Civil engineers have created marvels in infrastructure. Old and ancient monuments are manifestation of our engineering skill, he remarked.
The Governor speaking further said that exploitation of nature is not fair as human life depend on nature. We have to make our development sustaining to our environment. Civil engineering had helped immensly in infrastucture development. The Atal Tunnel in Himachal Pradesh shows the outstanding skill of our engineers as well, he added.
The awards in various categories were conferred on the recipients at the hands of the Governor which included Outstanding Project Award—SUHUA Highway Improvement Project (nominated by CICHE); Aso Ohashi Bridge Area Slope Disaster Reconstruction Project Executed by way of an Unmanned Construction Method Using i-Construction (nominated by JSCE); AI Faw Breakwater in Iraq (nominated by KSCE); Atal Tunnel, Rohtang (nominated by ICE India); Development of Light Rail Transit Infrastructure in Jakarta, Bogor,
Depok and Bekasi (LRT Jabodebek) (nominated by HAKI) and Ninoy Aquino International Airport Expressway (NAIAX) (nominated by PICE)
The recipients of ACECC Civil Engineering Achievement Awards were Osama KUSAKABE (nominated by JSCE); Wei-Fuu Yang (nominated by CICHE); Shalendra Ram (nominated by EA) and Ir. Teddy Boen (nominated by HAKI) while ACECC Technical Committee Activity Award was won by ACECC TC-21 Trans disciplinary Approach (TDA) for building Societal
Resilience to Disasters (nominated).
Dr. S. l Swamy Chairman ICEI and delegates of Engineering Companies from Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Philipines, Pakistan, were present for the function.


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