i am definately in the fray for panjim by-elections says st cruz mla babush monsoratte

01/12/2014 …. Stating that he had done his study well on the constituency of panjim st cruz mla babush monosratte has said that he was definitely in the ring to contest the panjim constituency by elections and would resign as an mla from the st cruz constituency once the procedure was announced for the panjim constituency by elections …
Speaking exclusively to goanreporter.com the st cruz mla babush monsoratte said “I never change my mind once I make up my mind and I have made up my mind to contest the panjim by elections as long as mr parrikar was there I never tired to interfere in panjim constituency though it was like a love hatred relationship between us but now since there is a vacany and there is a vaccum in panjim constituency I feel that whatever works mr Parrikar has left basically unfinished that I would continue with those work or rather those dreams which mr Parrikar holds for panjim I would rather complete his dreams for panjim constituency

On asked if he had enough support to contest in panjim constituency Monsoratte “I have already made my calculations and as far as elections are concerned its nothing new to me and important is the support of the voters and weather the citizens of panjim constituency wants development or not and the voters should also see among other candidates also as who would be able to deliver to them see promises are made by every one but the most important thing is to deliver after promises are made and once I promise I would deliver …
Asked on which ticket mr Monsoratte would contest “ I am going to contest on independent that’s for sure as to win panjim I require votes across party lines and on congress ticket I won’t be able to get those votes and therefore I taught of contesting as an independent candidate and therefore contesting on a congress ticket is basically ruled out
On asked as what happens to the congress party then would mr monsorrate leave the congress party, he said “ as far as to contest as an independent basically I will have to leave the congress party and contest as an independent so I would be resigning from the congress party the moment the procedure of elections start
On asked as what happens on the understanding between him and his good friend surendra furtado who is the present mayor of the corporation city of panjim and has also declared himself contesting for the panjim by elections monsoratte said ‘ see basically I m there in the fray and I am not bothered as who contest as this is democracy and any one has the right to contest, it may be mayor can contest or any other ten people can contest it does not make any difference to me as it is ultimately the people who would note and choose so who ever the candidates are and it is the voters who have to choose as who can be their best representative
On asked what happens to the st cruz constieuncy where in mr monsoratte is the present mla, monsoratte said “ st cruz constituency elections would come once the panjim by elections are over but I would see that the mother-son duo would not be given a chance in the assembly elections for which iam hundred percent sure and in these days I have been receiving many call and text messages from my constituency people saying that if you are going ok but please see that the mother-son duo do not come back again so I would like to rest assure that this mother-son duo would not be given a chance in the constituency elections ”
On asked as babush has a number of corporators under him and weather if they would work for him in panjim by-elections, babush said “I am not new to panjim as I have visited each and every house on two occasions when the last two municipal elections were held so I am not new to panjim as I have born and brought up in this area only I know the difficulties that panjim has been facing and what I say is that when Parrikar was there I still consider him to be the best but what I am trying to say is that the work left by mr Parrikar I would be the best one to complete it ..
On comment made by mr Parrikar that his party candidate would gate more votes than what mr Parrikar had polled in his last assembly elections babush said “ that is definitely not possible and irrelevant for bjp party candidate to get more votes than what mr parrikar had polled in his last assembly elections as I do know the pulse of panjim voters”


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