state ncp condemns state government decision of naming vasco ravindra bhavan auditorium after veenayak damodar savarkar


09/01/2016 … Members of the state nationalist congress party has condemned the state government decision of naming Main Auditorium of Ravindra Bhavan at Vasco after Veenayak Damodar Savarkar which the ncp said was a betrayal of Goan artist thus exposing the vicious agenda of the present Government of saffronising art &culture in Goa by imposing RSS ideologists.

addressing media persons in panjim state ncp president trojano dmello said that sought to know as what was the contribution of Veenayak Savarkar for Goa in the field of art and culture and why ravindra bhavan was not named after a goan personalities in the field of drama, classical music, or vocals.

Ncp spokesperson trojano dmello said that the concerned attempt by the BJP Government in the state was done to crush Goan identity and implement the hidden agenda of the RSS to bring forward their ideology




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