6th edition of Ishtann launched


04/01/2016 … The sixth edition of the bestseller Ishtann (in English) was released by Nirmal Kulkarni, noted Herpetologist, Environmentalist and Researcher and Megha Thakker, daughter of the author late Padma Mahalé in the presence of the Publisher of the book, Sapna Sardessai of Printer’s Devil at a small function at Suwadik restaurant in Panaji on monday.

Written by late Padma Mahalé and translated from the original Konkani version by Sapna Sardessai, Ishtann (meaning, friendly food) is a collection of traditional Saraswat recipes and other recipes that are popular with the Goan Hindus. Besides renowned cookbook authors, writers and end users, Late Manoharrai Sardesai has endorsed the book saying that “the language of Ishtann is clear and simple and the style is clean and crisp”. The recipes in this cookbook range from basic masalas to curries, rice dishes, breads and desserts.

Sapna Sardessai commenced the event by remembering late Padma Mahalé with gratitude and affection and revealed that she was the angel behind Printer’s Devil. Nirmal Kulkarni expressed happiness at releasing this book saying that in his field, any kind of compilation and documentation was very warming. He said that as a state we are known for our diversity, especially in our food and that this comes across abundantly in the book. Megha Thakker said that the function was not a celebration of the number of editions released or the number of books sold but a realization of her mother’s dream to make cooking easy for every young Goan who entered the kitchen.

Published by Printer’s Devil and distributed by Broadway Book Centre, Ishtann is now available at all leading book stores in Goa.


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