state ncp criticises defence minister manohar parrikar’s negative statements given to media in goa



04/01/2016 … The state nationalist congress party has criticized the former chief minister and central defence minister manohar parrikar who had stated that negative statements made by his opponents and NGO’s  should not be given coverage in to the state of goa thus exposing the dictatorial attitude of the Defence

Addressing media persons in panjim state ncp spokesperson trojano dmello questioned as was it not the same Defence Minister as the then Opposition Leader who had demanded the scrapping of Regional Plan 2021 and promised to bring a new plan and now his party government had made u turn on it

Mr dmello said that mr parrikar was the same man who had promised to bring to book the loot of 32,000/- crores but stated that till date no one was been brought to book and rather officers were getting re-instated in the same scam

 Mr dmello also stated that the Defence Minister had proved that he had no ‘dharma’, no moral values and all he had done was only for the greed of power to loot and not to develop ‘Amchem Bhangarachem Goem.







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