Panaji: July 19, 2015 … The Directorate of Art and Culture in collaboration with Foundation for Indian Art and Education, Goa will be organizing “Art Talks” lecture series on Visual Art by prominent Indian personalities in field of art, the fourth lecture of the series will be delivered by Shri Jogen Chowdhury, renowned Indian Contemporary Artist on July 25, 2015 at 4.30 p.m. at the Lecture Hall, Sanskruti Bhavan, Patto, Panaji.

Shri Jogen Chowdhury will give a lecture on the topic”My Art-My Life”. Artist and activist Jogen Chowdhury was born in 1939, Faridpur, Bangladesh. He joined as a teacher in the Painting Department Kala Bhavana after leaving the post of Keeper of Art at the Rashtrapati Bhavana in 1987.

He developed a unique style of painting with ink, water colour and pastel. As a teacher, Jogen s always a warm inspiration to his students. He organized and founded art activities such as Gallery 26 artists Forum, Calcutta Painters, Kolkata International Foundation of Arts.

Professor Emeritus of Visva Bharati , Kala Bhavana Jogen Chowdhury lives and works in Santiniketan and Kolkata. Jogen Chowdhury himself is a master of lines and he has mastered to make the curves depict the character of his figures.

By careful distortion of the form he imparts the air of caricature in his figures, figures of men and women. The figure is always the most important and conveys all the artist has to express. Colour, he used though is to provide matter into the form.

The talk will be followed by a question and answer session with the artist. The artist and art enthusiast of Goa are cordially invited to attend the talk. The program will be open to all and free of cost.