advocate aires rodrigues criticized state government for not granting permission to hold public meeting in vasco


14-04-2013 … Condemning the decision of the state government of not giving permission to hold a public meeting in regard to the rape case social activist advocate aires Rodrigues has decided to tame up the matter with the goa human rights commission for the malafied and un democratic action taken up by the state government

Adv. Rodrigues further stated that the public meeting which was scheduled for April 15th has been disallowed by the government after Adv. Anacleto Viegas, Secretary General of United Goans Democratic party wrote to the Vasco Police to deny permission to hold the meeting as there was likelihood of breach of peace.

Addressing press media in Panjim advocate aires Rodrigues the lawyer for the father of the rape victim has stated that the decision of the government not to allow the public meeting which was schedule for 15th of april anticipating a law and order problem was very autocratic and absolutely unwarranted

Aires said it was a said thing that Adv. Anacleto Viegas who was the lawyer for the headmistress of the School, had misused his position as Secretary General of United Goans Democratic party to shield his client by maliciously preventing the 15th April public meeting.

Aires charged the state government for hushing up the matter saying that the headmistress was a relative of cabinet minister and also questioned the silence made on the rape case by the four MLAs of Mormugoa constituency

Aires also mentioned about the details being given to the police department in the vasco rape case