final decision on seat sharing would be taken up by high command says ncp chief trojano dmello


15-04-2013 … Stating that statements expressed by some of the leaders of the state congress party in regard to the lok sabha elections had no meaning in what they say the Nationalist Congress party on Friday said that the final decision on coalition of weather the state congress party along with the nationalist congress party would fight the lok sabha elections together would be decided by their respective high command at the appropriate time and not by the state congress leaders …

Addressing media press conference party spokesperson trojano dmello said the state ncp party was confident of contesting the north goa loksabha seat and that no state congress leaders could decide on coalition dharna for the lok sabha elections as it was up to the high command to decide on weather ncp and congress would fight the lok sabha elections together or not

Dmello termed the pay parking at EDC complex, Patto, a scam and demanded that the contract be scrapped as the tender was not advertised by the EDC and there was only one bidder.

Meanwhile ncp presient nilkhant halarnkar said that ncp was opposied to the state government decision on putting an entry tax on vehicles entering in goa from outside the state.