fisheries minister avertano furtado denies being linked as relative to headmistress family


16-04-2013 … Fisheries minister avertano furtado on Monday denied that he was any way related to the headmistress sharlet furtado family and has decided to filed a defamation case against advocate aires Rodrigues for relating his name with the headmistress family …

It may be noted that on last Saturday advocate Aires Rodrigues had charged the state government for hushing up the vasco rape incident matter saying that the headmistress was a relative of cabinet minister avertano furtado due to which the state government were trying to hush up the case …

Speaking to media reporters fisheries minister avertano furtado said that the headmistress was in no weay related to his family and it was a wrong allegation that had put up by advocate aires Rodrigues

avertano also said that he was ready to resign from his post if it was proved that the headmistress was related to his family