Aicc secretary and goa incharge secretary dr a chella kumar ask congress party members to solve their party differences within the party leader’s and four walls of the room


27-07-2013 … All india congress committee secretary and goa incharge secretary dr a chella kumar has said that all the congress party members in the state had their full right to express their views to their leaders and if there were any differences it had to be sorted out within the party leader’s

 Speaking on the sideline of his visit to the office of the mayor of the corporation city of panjim surendra furtado the aicc secretary dr a chella kumar who is in goa for the past two days said that he was in goa to interact with the party leaders, block presidents and other office bearers, and also to update myself on the local issues and had taken a lot of feedback as far as the working system of the congress party was concerned

Commenting over the issue of a letter singed by the eight congress mla’s for appoint former Calangute mla agnelo fernandes as gpcc president Dr kumar said that the high command would decide when a new gpcc President would be appointed and that he had not received any letter from any congress mla’s of the state

Dr kumar also stated that Manohar Parrikar-led government had failed to deliver the promises he had made to 14 lakh people in to the state of goa months.