Ajgaonkar warns of action against those bringing disrepute to Goa Tourism…Appeals to Goa Police and Tourism Dept. to be vigilant


Panjim, March 4: Taking serious cognizance of defiance by shack operators in violating norms of the shack policy, Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Mr. Manohar Ajgoankar has  assured locals from the Baga-Sinquerim stretch  of  tough action against the violators and violations  brought to his notice  by them.

Mr. Ajgaonkar,  in a statement  issued recently, said that he would  direct the Department  of Tourism,Govt.  of Goa to crack the whip on the erring shack operators,  failing which  he would hold the  Department  accountable and responsible for  the same.

Taking serious cognizance of  complaints from locals  of Baga-Sinquerim on various  issues affecting  them due to unauthorized shack operations, Mr. Ajgaonkar said, ” I will not tolerate this defiance  of the shack operators as well as the dereliction of  duty of the Department  in not clamping down on the same. I have  directed the Department   of Tourism  to act immediately against  any such violation  of  norms  under the shack policy.”

“I will  look into the  complaints and  issues raised by the locals in the North Goa  coastal stretch and  will move for action  against the offenders and  also Department  staff for failing to  nip the issues at the right time,” he reiterated.

That shack operators continue business after permissible hours, and several other violations reported by the locals,  he said  is  not in the true spirit of  healthy tourism practices  and  that the government  is serious on  action against anyone encouraging and deflecting from  acting against such violations as well.

Mr. Ajgaonkar said that  strict monitoring of tourism activities would take place not only in the North coastal areas but  along the entire coastal stretch.

Mr Ajgaonkar  also urged the Goa Police  to keep a tight vigil  along the beach belt and swoop down heavily  against  illegal activities  and violations and  to act against those  breaking the law of the land  and bringing  disrepute  to Goa.





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