Be part of Sustainable Tourism in Goa: Cabral to Goa University Botany students


Panjim,24 September:  Days ahead of  World Tourism  Day, Hon’ble  Chairman  of Goa Tourism Development  Corporation, Mr. Nilesh Cabral  impressed on  Botany students of Goa University to  cultivate greater  knowledge of  Goa’s rich and vast bio-diversity and to  be part of  tourism sustainability  for the growth and betterment  of tourism in Goa.

Mr. Cabral, recently interacting with Botany (eco-tourism) students at the GU said, “Goa’s forestry is higher than the national average with bio-diversity sites which are the most beautiful. Today visitors from urban India including foreign tourists throng to Goa to explore and experience this unique facet and you as young students can utilize this avenue to further your prospects in the tourism sector.”

Emphasizing  on the  theme  of  Sustainable Tourism:  a tool for development, Mr. Cabral   detailed the various goals enlisted by United National General Assembly,   which he said would need  to be  achieved by putting  one’s whole self into it and  taking on the challenges  with  a vision.”

The GTDC Chairman explained to the young audience the challenges faced by the tourism corporation while adding new avenues for developing tourism adventure activities. He said, “The journey is tough but if you work with your conscience and mind no obstacle is difficult to overcome.”

He explained  to the  young Botany students  the  various  employment  opportunities that  their  subject has to offer  in the tourism sector, especially  eco-tourism and hinterland  tourism.

He also impressed on the students to be creative, ideate on new tourism projects revolving around sustainability and to be enterprising and self employed in different ways.

He said that the Goa Tourism Development Corporation is looking for innovation and has also associated with young entrepreneurs in several tourism activities.

During the two hour interaction session at Goa University, Mr. Cabral responded to various queries from the Botany students and further encouraged them to pursue careers in tourism as a tool for sustainability and developing the future of tourism as an industry in Goa.

the entire session was co-ordinated by Dr. Nandakumar Kamat.


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