Panaji: July 11, 2015 … The Government has revised the existing charges for Bondla Zoo, levy of new rates for Sale of Curios and for Adventure Tours in Wild Life Protected Areas (WLPAs) in the State of Goa in terms of the provisions under Sec 28 (1) and (2) of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 and Rules made thereunder:

 Levy of entry fee to Bondla zoo per adult revised rate is  Rs.50/-. Under Sale of Curios & Memorabilia to visitors in WLPAs. Round neck T-Shirt revised rate Rs. 225/- , Polo T-shirt revised rate Rs.350/-, Key Chains revised rate Rs. 25/- , Caps revised rate 75/-, Quarter Plates revised raters.350/-, Sets of Coasters revised to Rs. 150/-.

 Similarly, under Revision of charges for adventure tour operators to WLPAs Entry charges /head revised rate is Rs.200/-, Bicycle treks/head revised rate Rs.100/-, LMV entry revised rate Rs.300/-, HMV entry revised rate Rs.500/-, Overnight stay revised rate is Rs. 500/-.

 No such charges shall be levied on the persons residing within the boundary of such Wild Life Protected Areas except under items at Sale of Curios & Memorabilia to visitors and Revision of charges for adventure tour operators and for overnight stay in WLPAs.

 The rates have been approved by the Goa State Board for Wildlife.


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