Calangute mla Michael lobo stresses upon the need of keeping a strict vigil on state railway stations


27/03/2015 ….. In view of the recent murder incident that took place in vasco on Thursday Calangute mla Michael lobo has stressed upon the need of keeping a strict vigil on the state railway stations so as to check on outsiders trying to enter the state with deadly weapons such as guns …

It may be noted that on Thursday in a murder incident a girl and a boy was found to be shot dead in a hotel in vasco dying side by side in a pool of blood …

Speaking to media reporters calangute mla Michael lobo said that there was a need for the state police officials to find out the source of the gun and from where it was brought in to the state as it was sending a wrong signal as far as the state of goa was concerned and therefore there was a need for police officials to keep a check on trains entering in the state

Commenting over the prostitution racket being busted in north goa Michael said that he was happy to see police officials doing their job well since had had gone on a hunger strike demanding proper law and order in the state and if goans do help police officials in their work then definitely goa would have a clean image in the world

Michael also stated that after he had gone on a hunger strike people had woken from their sleep and have been giving information to the concerned police officials on the illegalities that were going round in the state