ccp could issue fines to state bjp party for not taking permission for putting up hoardings for vijay sankalp rally in the city


12-01-2014 … In yet another fight between the state chief minister and Panjim mla Manohar parrikar and ccp mayor surendra furtado the mayor of the corporation city of Panjim on Monday has said that his office would fine the state bjp led party if no permission were taken from ccp office for putting up hoardings and banners in Panjim city jurisdiction for the vijay sankalp rally which took place on last Sunday evening ….

It may be noted that a number of huge hoardings of bjp prime ministerial candidate and gujrat chief minister narendra modi, along with state chief minister manohar parrikar, national bjp president rajnath singh were seen being erected at various places in and around the city jurisdiction for which officials of the ccp said that no permissions were taken for putting up such hoardings by the state bjp party …

Presently according to the ccp official’s ccp charges an amount of rs 300, per sqmts for a single hoarding and if permissions were given to state bjp party for putting up hoardings inside the city jurisdiction than ccp could earn a huge revenue from the bjp party which could go in to ccp coffers

Speaking to goanreporter ccp mayor surendra furtado and deputy mayor bento lorena said that law was equal for everyone and if permissions were not taken by the bjp party for putting up hoardings with required fess than ccp would try to find out the facts and fine the concerned party as per ccp laws …

Meanwhile state bjp president vinay tendulkar said that his party had asked for permission and in the given time and since there was no reply from ccp office they taught that the permission was granted to them for putting up hoardings inside the ccp jurisdiction

Tendulakar charged that the issue was being made in to a political issue out of nothing