chief minister manohar parrikar present annual budget for 2013-14


18-march-2013 … departing from the earlier trend,  Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Monday presented a Rs 10,053.24 Crore budget in the State Assembly in Konkani language.

the chief minister announced that  Rs 140 crore has been set aside   for mining dependent people  by introducing various schemes.  Government will target 12% State GDP this financial year.  5% of the Government jobs will be reserved for children of freedom fighters. Govt. will introduce Service Guarantee Act while all departments will have to justify their expenditures.

The government has recovered 249 Crore rupees  through mining lease renewals and expects to recover  another 300 crore rupees this fiscal :

The annual Ban on fishing is extended from 45 days to 75 days in view of the depleting catch of fish in the state. The  trawler owners will however be compensated for the loss with   Rs 10,000, and mechanized canoes will get rs 20000  Rs 3 cr budgetary allocation has been made for this purpose. The scheme will be named after late Matanhy Saldanha

Students of parents with less than Rs 3 lakh income per annum  to get scholarships worth Rs 30,000 and interest free loans for higher education;  16,000 students of 11th standard  and 50,000 students of 5th and 6th standards will  get notepads. Making it comfortable for students to travel to school, around 100 balrath buses will be given to various schools. Aadhar card will be compulsory for availing schemes.

Rs 500 will be given to senior citizens per month to pay their medical bills.

The Government has taken credit for the increase in milk production in the state. The increase of 50%  in milk production is attributed to the introduction of various schemes. The Animal welfare department will get 2 Crore rupees to manage stray animals. Kisan card will be introduced for farmers.

All outstanding loans amounting to Rs 7 crore of Kadamba transport corporation limited will be paid within the next 3 years. Govt. to allocate Rs 113 Crore for development of KTCL.

To regulate crime in the state,  Contractors will have to have  a photo identity and details of workers employed by him. Govt. to introduce integrated anti human trafficking cell to tackle flesh trade in the state. Panaji, Margao and  Mapusa bus stands to be constructed on a PPP basis after taking all stakeholders into consideration. Govt. will introduce State Investment Policy by May 30; and a taskforce will be appointed within a week: Home guards will be increased from 750 to 1500