chimbel village faces major water shortage problem on election day


13/04/2014 … Even though major political parties had promised goan voters on various issues at the ongoing lok Sabha elections in to the state of goa locals in areas of chimbel village were faced with major water shortage problem and were seen filling water for their personnel use from pwd water tankers

While Saturday was announced as the polling day for the two lok Sabha seats in to the state of goa locals of chimbel village instead of casting their rights to vote for their choice of candidate for the lok Sabha elections had to first rush to the government supplied water tankers and fill up water for their daily use as the chimbel village has been facing a major water shortage problem for the past few days

 Even after informing the pwd department about the difficulties the pwd officials seems to have been least bothered to take a note of it and have not adhere to the need of the chimbel locals thus forcing the locals to fill up drinking water from pwd water tanks

Another local rajendra sakhalkar said that almost the village have been facing a major water crisis for the last fifteen days