christmas celebrated all over goa


25-12-2013 … Large number of Christmas faithful throughout the state had thronged their places of worship on the 24th midnight and 25th morning to celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ.

Dressed in their festive attire, the churches in the state were packed with devotees who took part in the Eucharistic Christmas celebration.

Archbishop Fillp nerri ferrao wished all the devotees a merry Christmas

Christmas is an exciting festival when the whole state of goa wears  festive look with pretty lights, lanterns and stars strung on plants or on verandahs, in towns and villages.

While shopping for Christmas, People look for new items in the market so as to have  different look from their neighbours.

In anticipation of doing good nbusiness,   Bakeries and cafés have counters filled with festive goodies and the traditional Christmas pudding, cakes and famous Goan sweets like doce, bebinca, dodol, neoreos, kal kals and more.