Corporation of the City of Panaji passes its budget for the year 2015-16


31/03/2015 …. The Corporation of the City of Panaji has passed its budget for the year 2015-16, proposing an increase in rates for various sectors inside its municipality jurisdiction

In its special budget meet held on Monday ccp Commissioner Sanjit Rodrigues presented the ccp budget with a revenue income of 34.66 crore.

In 2015-16, CCP expects to create 12 crore just through house tax along with source of revenue coming from construction licences .

In order to rake in more revenue, CCP has hiked the sanitation and garbage collection fees for casinos, exhibitions, hotels, slaughter houses, vehicle showrooms, bars, shops at Caculo mall, and branded showrooms.

Since there was no opposition, the budget was passed without any objections, though some councillors pleaded that pending works be taken up on a war footing, especially the municipal market issue.