curtail down on the number of road shows and use the same money to pay electricity bills of churches, temples and mosques says calangute mla michael lobo requesting state tourism department


19/05/2014 … Asking to curtail down on the number of road shows being undertaken by the tourism department in various parts of the world for promotion of state tourism calangute mla Michael lobo in turn has urged the state tourism department of creating more facilities to illuminate state heritage sites other than churches temples and mosques using the same money used for promotional tours …

Speaking to goanreporter calangute mla Michael lobo said that he would personally meet the chief minister as well as also write to the tourism minister asking him not to stop paying the electricity bills to illuminate heritage sites but in fact would also request to give more attention in illuminating places such as forts, other heritage sites too

Mr lobo said that a single road show from a number of world road shows done by the tourism department for promoting goan tourism was costing to the tune of minimum 75 lakhs then why could the tourism department curtail down certain road shows and used the same money for paying electricity bills

Lobo also stated that one should not forget that the goan economy was running on state tourism and therefore there was a need to keep illuminate heritage sites in the state


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