Dated 07.12.2012. Press Release For the day as on 06.12.2012

pertaining to the cases Registered at below mentioned Police Stations / Units are as under.

                        NORTH GOA DISTRICT

PONDA PS:  Shri Narayan S. Naik r/o Darjwada, Kundai complained that on 05.12.12 at 19.05 hrs.  at Manaswada, Kundai, accused person Shrikant s/o Prasad Yadav aged 25 yrs. r/o near   Electricity Dep. Office,  Kundai  driving JCB No.GA-05-B-8472 while proceeding from Kundai to Panaji direction and when reached at Manaswada, Kundai, dashed against Eterno scooter No.GA-07-B-4805  which was proceeding  towards  Panaji  on back side  as a  result  Eterno  scooter fall  towards  right side  of the  road  and dashed  to on coming Splendor M/cycle  No. GA-05-H-1930 due to which  both riders  of above  vehicle  fall on the  road  towards  right  side   and pillion  rider  fall  on the road  as a  result   rear wheel  of JCB ran over  the  head  of pillion  rider who succumbed  to  injuries  and also  both rider  succumbed  injuries  at GMC  Bambolim. JCB driver ran away from the spot. Cr.No.376/12 u/s 279, 304-A IPC and Sec 134 (a) (b) of M.V. Act stands registered. PSI R. Dhamsekar is I. O.

ANJUNA PS: Mrs. Pratima Govekar, Sarpanch of V.P. Anjuna-Caisua r/o Zorwada, Anjuna complained that on 06.12.12 at around 04.30 hrs.  accused Mrs. Sheetal Dabholkar, Ward member  of V.P. Anjuna  entered  in her  office  while she was  discharging  her official  duties and rushed  on her  to assault  and further  started  threatening and  gave bad words. Cr.No.157/12 u/s 353, 504, 506 (ii) IPC stands registered.  HC- K.A. Dhargalkar is I. O.

2)  Mrs.  Sheetal Dabholkar Ward member of V.P. Anjuna, r/o Dhabolwada, Shapora complained that on 06.12.12 at 16.15 hrs.  accused 1) Patric  Savio  Almeida,  Dy. Sarpanch, 2)  Pratima  Govekar  Sarpanch  of village  P. Anjuna   with their common intention  allegedly  wrongfully  restrained  her  and Mrs.  Suhani Govekar  Panch member of  V.P. Anjuna  when they  had gone  to the office  of village  Panchayat  Anjuna to inspect some documents and further  abused the  threatened them with dire consequence. Cr.No.158/12 u/s 341, 504, 506(ii) IP stands registered.  HC D. Pawar is I. O.

PORVORIM PS: On 06.12.12, one Shruti Parab age 21 yrs. at Marna Pilerna was found hanging in her house at Marna Pilerna.  Death of the deceased   occurred within 7 years of marriage. U.D.No.52/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered.  PSI K. Sinari is I. O.

BICHOLIM PS: On 06.12.12, dead body of unidentified male person, aged about 70 yrs. was found in sitting position in highly decomposition stage behind one house at Dhumase Village. Body preserved in GMC Morgue Bambolim for PME. U.D.No.79/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PSI Gaurish Parab is I.O.

MAPUSA PS: Mr. Subhash s/o Ladu Ghogle r/o Rukmini Plaza, Peddem, Mapusa complained that between 05.12.12 at 19.30 hrs.  to 06.12.12 at 06.45 hrs. behind Rukmini Plaza, Peddem  Mapusa,  unknown accused  person/s stole all 4 wheels W/rs.60,000/- of her  Maruti Swift  car  No. GA-03-H-9825 parked in an open parking place. Cr.No.309/12 u/s 379 IPC stands registered. ASI R. Gawas is I. O.

2) On 06.12.12, one Micheal Noronhna r/o Moira Mapusa expired while undergoing medical treatment at Manipal Hospital as a case of fall at residence at Moira. Cr.No.78/12 u/s 174 Cr. P. C. stands registered. PSI V. V. Chodankar is I. O.

AGACAIM PS: Smt. Ratnabai Tari r/o Tonca Madkai Ponda complained that on 16.10.12 between 09.30 hrs. to 11.00 hrs. at GMC Bambolim, unknown  lady, age about 20 to 22 yrs. took her  to X-ray ward  with  mollified  intentions, induced her  to remove her mangalsutra two  bangles and ear rings W/rs.1,50,000/- approx,  and took all above ornaments and  disappeared  from the  spot, thereby cheated  her. Cr.No.98/12 u/s 420 IPC stands registered. PI S. Vaigankar is I. O.



VERNA PS: Mr. Jacinto s/o Minguel Colaco r/o Kassambe, Vasco complained that between 02.12.12 at 05.30 hrs.  to 09.00 hrs.  on 04.12.12  at  Birla  Sancoale,  unknown culprits committed  theft of  4 batteries  and  wire  of  batteries  from three trucks which were parked  in an open parking  place thereby  causing  loss  of Rs.70,000/-approx. Cr.No.184/12 u/s 379 IPC stands registered. ASI Bandekar is I.O.

MAINA CURTORIM PS: Shri Vallabh Ramnath Naik, Security field  officer  r/o  Varun Appt. Willson Nagar,  Davorlim  complained that since last 3 months till  date,  accused  person  Mr. Vithal  Ramchandra Patil r/o  Willson  Nagar,  Davorlim negligently  allowed  the  formation and growth  of honey comb on the  parapet of the front portion of his  house,  resulting  in honeybee attacks  on him and other residents of  Wilson nagar  Davorlim  and  also  failed  to take up any  measures  for removal of the said honey comb after  several  request by the  residents, of the following  similar  incident of  honey bee bites  to the  locals  in the  past  thus endangering  the life of people  in the   surrounding  locality. Cr.No.178/12 u/s 337 IPC stands registered. PSI R.D. Desai is I.O.