devolution of powers to the state village panchayats, could be misused by certain sarpanchas of the state says panchayat minister


06-08-2013 … Panchayat minister laxmikhant Parsekar on Saturday said though there was a need of devolution of powers to the state village panchayats, the gram sabhas of the state village panchayats were of the different opinion over the same powers being misused by certain sarpanchas of the state

Mr Parsekar was speaking to media reporters over the issue of the unanimous decision passed by the sarpanchas of Salcete villages on Friday asking to seek devolution of powers through the necessary amendments to the Panchayati Raj Act.

A total of 21 of the 30 sarpanchas of Salcete villages attended the meeting

The sarpanchas also decided to appoint a legal advisor to deliberate and prepare the draft for the necessary amendments to the act as the sarpanchas believed that the act had a lot of loopholes due to which the sarpanvhas urged the need to go through the entire act and suggest to the government, the necessary amendments.

Salcete sarpanchs also observed that the act has not been amended for the last 17 years and some of the provisions need to be amended to meet the requirements of the present age such as the Act to curb the illegal constructions in their respective villages where in the sarpanchas had pointed out that provisions of the act are being misused to obtain water and electricity connections for illegal constructions.

Speaking to media reporter’s panchayat minister laxmikhant Parsekar said that the belief of the gram Sabha members was that if such powers were given to the state village panchayats then there could also be various illegalities taking palce in village panchayats over various issues

Parsekar also said there was a big question mark also rasied on certain sarpanchas who could misuse the devolution of panchayat powers