road safety week starts in the state


07-08-2013 … With the road safety week in force from 1st of august the state transport department has till date fined over 200-250 motorists found using vehicles with tinted films beyond permissible limits …

The motorists were asked to remove the film on-the-spot besides payment of a fine of rupees one hundred while some of the motorists were asked to remove the tinted films and then to show their vehicle after which concerned documents were returned back to the motorists.

 It may be noted that the Transport Department and traffic cell of the Goa Police are jointly conducting an enforcement drive against vehicles with tinted glasses as a part of its road safety week.

as per the Supreme Court order, passed in September 2012, there is a complete ban on use of tinted glasses irrespective of the degree of visibility. Even zero percent filming is not allowed.

 As per the motor vehicle rule, 70 percent visibility was necessary, which has now been ruled out by the Court sad director of transport arun Desai and any violation done would be considered as contempt of Apex Court order’.

 Desai also stated that his department would also try to keep a watch on those motorists who had tried to put up the films back again