DGCA Directives to Airlines on Entry of Ebola Patients


12/08/2014 …. In order to prevent Ebola virus entry and spread of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in India, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued directives to all airlines operating on international routes.  The airlines have been asked to take following precautionary measures with immediate effect:


(i)                 In flight announcement for self-reporting by travellers who have any signs or symptoms of EVD.   The  copy of the announcement was provided to them;


(ii)               Self-reporting by travellers who suffer any signs or symptoms of EVD to APHO/medical unit for travelers; and


(iii)     Travellers on flights to be given the health-form for submitting information regarding visit to any affected country during last  21 days and having symptoms of EVD during travel or on arrival.      

          A copy of the proforma alongwith a copy of “Advisory for Airlines on Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)” and “Advisory for specific public health measures for travellers suspected of EVD” has also been provided to airlines.  All the airlines are requested to arrange distribution of the proforma to all the passengers and crew members before they disembark in India.


          The airlines have been directed to keep a record of all passengers or families who are returning to India after staying or visiting West African countries (mainly the four affected countries) and to inform the details to DDG(IH) and concerned Airport Health Officers.

          According to the directives, the details of the passengers boarding from affected countries must be sent in advance to the station of arrival in India by all Indian and  foreign airlines.