Panaji: July 31,2017 …. The District Magistrate, North Goa has prohibited carrying of all types of arms, fire arms, ammunition, lethal weapons, in any public place, street, road squares, through fare, by lanes, or in any open place in entire North Goa District with immediate effect until further orders.

          The District Magistrate has also directed all the arms license holders in the North Goa District to deposit all their fire arms at the nearest police stations of their respective jurisdiction immediately. All the firearms deposited will be returned to their license holders after five days from counting i.e. after the election process is over.

          It is also made known that, if any person has a real threat to his or her person or property, he or she should approach the Director General of Police for providing necessary security by the police, but under no circumstances will any person be allowed to carry his own personal firearm or firearms license or otherwise except with special permission of District Magistrate North.

          The above restriction will not apply to Public Servants, Police, Defence Personnel and Security Personnel on duty and to those members of the community who are entitled to display weapons by long standing law, custom and usage, unless they are found to be indulging in violence or posing a threat to the maintenance of law and order and peaceful conduct of elections.

          Similarly, the Sports Persons who are the members of National Rifle Association of India at different levels who have to participate in various sports events in which they use their arms are exempted from depositing the fire arms.