fishing community in goa raises concernd over fishing ban issue


15-05-2013 … With no statement coming out from the state government over the exact number of days being considered for fishing ban in to the state of goa the fishing community from goa are put in dilemma of weather to going on a 75 days fishing ban or to carry on with the 45 days ban as per the supreme court order …

It may be noted that The state government had shown interest of reconsidering its decision of imposing 75-day-long fishing ban in the state from this year onwards but till date no decision has come from the government side over the same which has forced the fishing community to be concerned as what steps they should take on fishing ban and what message to pass on to their labourers who would go on for holidays to their native places during the fishing ban

The fishing community in the state was divided over the issue with traditional fishermen welcoming the prolonged ban period, while mechanized trawlers has opposed the ban claiming it to be too long after which the government had contemplated the possibility of shortening the ban duration from 75 days to 60 days or even of 45 days as it was practiced till last season.  

Speaking to goanreporter chairman of Mandovi Fishermen’s Marketing Cooperative Society menino afonso said that that time was moving on and they were concerned over the fishing ban issue as the state government had to inform that about the exact number of days on fishing ban a month before so that they could plan up their thins for the next fishing season

President of the All Goa Fishermen’s Federation John Mendes some of the fishing trawlers had already started to wind up their fishing activities of the season but were in tensions for getting labourers for the next fishing season since the dates of fishing ban were not announced yet by the state government …