pilerne citizens forum raises bogus adhar card issue in goa


16-05-2013 … Stating that a lot of bogus adhar card could have been used to avail state government schemes members of the pilerene citizens forum on Thursday have demanded to the president of india pranab mukherjee asking for an inquiry in to the issue of adhar cards being issued in to the state of goa..

The forum had also addressed the copy of the letter to the chairman of unique identification authority of india, nandan nilekani, hon-ble minister for state, ministry of statistics and programme implementation, shrikant kumar jena and to the chief secretary of goa vijayan requesting for scrutinizing the process of issuance of adhar card in to the state of goa and to undertake a through scrutiny of the adhar cards issued in the state

Addressing press media in panjim advisor of pilerne citizens forum advocate yatish naik said that since the state already had the issue of fake ration cards being issued in the past the same may be the basis of issuing fake adhar cards and such fake adhar cards may derail the whole gammoth of social security and beneficial measure proposed by the state as well as by the central government to the needy

 Naik also said that there was a need to verify     if certain types of bogus adhar cards were issued also to foreigners or not in the state