garbage menace hits old goa kadamba highway road in merces village jurisdiction


14-feb-2013 … While the state government has initiated plans of clearing garbage along the highway roads in and around the state of goa garbage menance seems to have hit the highway roads coming under the jurisdiction of merces village panchayat

lot of garbage along the Panjim-old goa kadamba highway seems to have gone unnoticed and is still lying haywire and scattered along the highway road which had made the work of merces panchayat difficult to tackle the garbage issue even when the state government had made efforts to clear the highway roads of the state …

For the past few months garbage seems to have made its ground along this Panjim-old goa kadamba highway road which has even moved towards the nearby river bank thus forcing the panchayat as well as locals to face a lot of hardships from the garbage menance which is believed to have been thrown even by passerby …

Speaking to goanreporter sarpanch of merces village panchayat yateen palekar that the garbage seems to be not coming from merces village but was from chimbel area but the village panchayat had taken initiative for garbage collection drive

yateen said that though the village panchayat was cleaning the garbage mess from the highway road the same was made dirty by passerby again and again by throwing garbage along the road

 yateen also commented over the issue of saline water entering in to the village fields