goa could be a soft target for terrorist if goan sea boundaries are not protected says Chairman of Mandovi Fisheries, Menino Afonso


dec-15-2012 … Asking the state government to be more alert inside the goan water’s Chairman of Mandovi Fisheries, Menino Afonso on Saturday said that the state of goa could be the radar of a major terrorist activity through sea if proper measures were not taken to take care of the boundaries of the goan sea where more than three hundred illegal trawlers were illegally fishing in goan sea waters without having proper identification of the concerned trawler’s and their labourers

It may be noted that this week goan fishermen had caught Six trawlers from Karnataka which were found allegedly fishing in Goan territorial waters and were brought to the betim jetty by goan fishermen who were later booked for illegally fishing in to goan waters …

Speaking to  goan-reporter Chairman of Mandovi Fisheries, Menino Afonso said that the illegal trawlers fishing in goa waters was a serious issue as the same illegal trawlers did not had card, custom pass and had not a single permission with them from their state and therefore goan waters were an easy entry point for terrorists to enter …

if one goes through the tragic incident of the 26/11 mumbai attack according to an intelligence report the terrorists who had attacked Mumbai in 2008 had used sea routes for coming from Karachi in Pakistan to Mumbai ,.

The reports had warned that there could be a possible entry of terrorists into Mumbai through the sea route and the same intelligence was available six months ago as subsequently a barge was found by the locals on Shrivardhan coast in Raigad district four months back before the incident could take place

Even mumbai’s the then late Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh had said that the terrorists, who had created havoc in Mumbai overnight, came by boats …

Militants armed with automatic weapons and grenades attacked Taj and Oberoi hotels, hospitals and a famous tourist cafe in Mumbai killing more than 100 people.

Menino said that the recent code system which the state government hade ome for fishing trawlers was used only for goan fishing trawlers while the other state trawlers had no such system which was another serious issue to think of

Menino also stated that they have informed about the illegal trawlers fishing in goan waters to the chief minister Manohar Parrikar and fisheries minister avertano furtado who had assured full cooperation from their side to solve the issue as soon as possible