diffrences among sports minister ramesh talwadkar and st andre mla vishnu surya wagh over state hoisting lusofonia games still arise


dec 15-2012  … Even though the state bjp led government had made a provision of a whopping budget of over 240 crores for hosting the lusofonia games 2012 in the state of goa, it is not yet know as weather the games would be held in the state as the games have received opposition from its own ruling government mla’s which is yet to be solved …

It may be noted that the goa state Organisers of the Lusofonia Games 2013 has already said that the state government would not leave any stone unturned in hosting the Portuguese version of the British Commonwealth Games titled lusofonia games to be held in Goa from Nov 2-10, 2013 in goa.

Even sports minister ramesh talwadkar in his recent press conference had said that the infrastructure at these venues will be developed at the cost of Rs over 240 crores which would be prepared well before the schedule time ….

But on the other side the current bjp led government ml’a from st andre constituency Vishnu surya wagh had raised his objections over hoisting the lusofonia games 2013 in goa saying that Goa shouldn’t participate in the Lusofonia Games as the participants were Portuguese-speaking countries and wondered how a state can join in as Goa was a state, a former Portuguese colony and not a country.

On asked as whether the differences between his party colleague and st andre mla Vishnu surya wagh were solved over the hosting of lusofonia games 2012 in goa sports minister ramesh talwadkar said that he had spoke to Vishnu over the matter and the difference were solved

But when the same question was once again put in front of the st andre mla Vishnu suryas wagh said that that mr talwadkar had not spoken to him over the issue and that he had given his personnel comment over the issue