goa government proposes to set up aiims centre at dhargal sports city land


28/08/2014 …. It may be note that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had earlier stated that the Union government has asked the state to send a proposal for setting set up the All India Institute of Medical Science in the state and had also mentioned that a site at baiguinim was identified for setting up the medical institute in goa

Speaking to media reporters in Panjim chief minister’s manohar parrikar who on Tuesday had made a visit to Delhi to meet the minister’s of the central government said out of nine lakhs which was acquired for sports city in dhargal around six lakhs would be utilized for setting up aims centre at dhargal in goa

Parrikar said that the kadamba plateau which was earlier identified for setting up aims in goa was too less for aims to be set up in goa

Commenting over the dual citizenship issue being discussed with the home minister parrikar said the proposal of giving one time relief to all those goans who had registered their names in portugal and had not obtained passport was being considered by the central government


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