Panaji: February 23, 2013 …. Governor of Goa Shri Bharat Vir Wanchoo unveiled of the Trophy of GPL T-20 tournament alongwith guest of honour Speaker of Goa Legislative Assembly Shri Rajendra Arlekar, GCA President Shri Vinod Phadke at GCA ground Porvorim on Saturday.

Speaking on the occasion Governor said, I would like to congratulate Goa Cricket Association for their visionary efforts to organize GPL T-20 tournament and have this trophy which, I am sure, will go a long way in encouraging cricket in the State of Goa.

Sports and games have a very special and intrinsic value in our social and cultural life.  These activities are an integral part of our day-to-day life.  Cricket has become one of the greatest sports of entertainment and competition in the world, particularly in our own country.  For us it is a passion.  It is an international team sport, one that is playing a splendid role in integrating people and in a way cultures from various regions and races.  India has made great progress in cricket.  Though their outstanding skill, determined efforts and spirited team work, Indian cricketers have made outstanding achievements have become icons and have in the process enhanced the prestige and glory of our country.

Cricket as a game is not only a sport of entertainment, but has come to play a major role in promoting social and national cohesion, besides fostering international understanding and enhancing human relations. International cricket

matches help in bringing together people from different parts of the world.  Though we in India have several traditional and modern sports ad games, people are usually glued to passionately watch cricket matches with great enthusiasm.  We in Goa have an excellent infrastructure for cricket and hence, we should make efforts to again host international cricket matches in Goa, Stated the Governor.

Goa is well known for sports and games.  Goans have latent talent and an unceasing passion for multifarious sports and games.  The Government is making planned efforts to promote sports and games in an institutionalized and scientific manner.  While football is the State game of Goa, other games are also being encouraged ad developed.  I am happy that cricket is gaining more and more significance in Goa.  We should provide the youth of our State with world-class facilities, pragmatic guidance and scientifically-oriented training to enable them to achieve excellence in this field of sport.  Goa has produced cricketers of a very high standard and class in the past and I am sure that under the able aegis of Goa Cricket Association, Goan cricketers will continue to make a mark in the international cricketing arena.

All of us need to understand that the Government cannot be expected to achieve everything; howsoever much it may want to.  We need well-intentioned organizations like the Goa Cricket Association, to supplement Governmental efforts to promote sports and games in a big way.  There should be greater cooperation and constant interaction between the stakeholders to bring about innovative changes in promoting these activities.  Integrated institutional arrangements are essential to guide and promote the various sports, including cricket.  Our universities, colleges and schools should help in identifying the talent amongst the youth.  They should provide them broad opportunities for practicing different sports.  Needless to say, sports activities have intrinsic benefits like physical fitness and well being, social interaction, entertainment, healthy

competition, personality development, potential and skill development, inculcation of sense of achievement, pride, patriotism and self-confidence.  These are all qualities that we want our youth of today to possess.

We need to appreciate that the spirit of sports is to produce a combination of qualities like fairness, courtesy, generosity or to put it in one word-sportsmanship.  Sportsmanship is the soul or essence of all sports and games.  We should play matches with full vigour, energy and to the best of one’s ability, however, we must not forget to maintain a code of conduct and nurture the sporting spirit.  We must remember that in any game, one side has to win and the other has to lose.  The players, spectators and team owners ought to realize that lessons are learnt in defeat as well and it is only in defeat, that the true character of an individual is revealed.

I hope that the various efforts being made by the Government and organizations like Goa Cricket Association will usher in a new era of accelerated progress in the field of sports and games in the State and in particular, in cricket which will enable the Goan youth to be able to successfully compete at the national and international levels added the Governor.

GCA Secretary Shri Chetan Desai welcomed.  GCA Vice President Dr. Shekhar Salkar porposed the vote of thanks.