Goa is virtually standing on the brink of its ethnic dilution says directorate of census operation goa mallikarjuna


16-12-2013 … With no proper job opportunities available in the state, Goa is virtually standing on the brink of its ethnic dilution as unrestricted migration from other states is threatening to reduce the native population by 2021, according to an assessment made by census of india a representative body of the nation.

India’s total population stand at 1.21 billion, which is 17.7 per cent more than the last decade, and population growth of females was higher than that of males.

As far as the state of goa is concerned the primary census abstract -2011 data shows that there are 343611 census houses in which 1458545 persons do live from which 739140 are males while 719405 are females

Goa had a total of 144611 in the age group of 0-6 years from which 74460 are males while 70151 are females

The schedule caste population of the state has 25449 persons from which 12627 are males and 12822 are females

In schedule tribes the state has a total of 149275 population of persons in which 72948 are males while 76327 are females

While in literates the state of goa has more than 1165487 persons from which 615823 are males while 549664 are females

Speaking to media reporter’s on the sidelines of census of directorate of census operations goa data dissemination workshop which was held on Tuesday in Panjim joint director of government of india and directorate of census operation goa mallikarjuna said the census survey had covered each and every child in the country which is used for various government policies

Mr mallikarjuna said since there was a lot of scarcity of skilled workers in goa it had lead to a lot if migrants coming in the state