goa state police department initiates Women Helpline – 1091 in goa.


7-jan-2013 … Women in the society are vulnerable to various forms of crime including sexual assault, eve teasing and domestic violence. Every women victim deserves not only a patient hearing at the Police Station by the Reporting Officer, but also a quick response and follow up on her complaint, so that her trust and confidence in law enforcement agency does not get lost.  In order to fine tune the response of police officers at the police station level and increase the accessibility and health of women victims certain concrete measures have been adopted for the existing mechanism of Women Parasailing in Goa Helpline to ensure that women victims of crime get quick justice.

1091 an exclusive Women Help Line Number of Goa Police will be functional round the clock in Central Police Control Room, Panaji.

The dedicated Help line number (1091) can be dialed by any women victim of crime in the Central Police Control Room.

The calls received centrally by Central Police Control Room (CPCR) will be immediately transferred to the nearest Police Control Room vans as well as respective jurisdictional police stations for further necessary action.

The PCR calls related to victims who are resident of Panaji Town and Margao Town will be handled exclusively by the Women Police Stations situated in Panaji as well as Margao.

All such calls related to both these towns will be referred to the concerned Women Police Stations by Central Police Control Room (CPCR).

However, all other calls will be referred to by the Central Police Control Room (CPCR) to respective police stations and will be handled by the respective Police Stations only.

Redistribution of Women Police:

Ø   Every Police Station will have 2-3 LPC and 2-3 LHC.

Ø   Women PS will have 1 PI, 2 WPSI and adequate number of LPCs/LHCs.

Reaching out to people on regular basis:

Regular communication by local Police with people to understand their problems related to various aspects of policing is very important.  It is in this backdrop Goa Police has recently launched “Saad – Sanvaad” community policing scheme where regular interaction by District SsP has started in their respective jurisdiction.

To make senior officers available for redressal of public grievances, the District SsP in South and North and all SDPOs will be available for members of public on working days at their respective district Headquarters between 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm.  Residents can meet them with their problems.

All PIs of PS will also be available for hearing public grievances in their respective Police Stations between 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm daily.

Any complainant who is not satisfied with local PI, and has also exhausted other proper channels of grievance redressal can meet Director General of Police, Goa on working day between 11 a.m. to 12 p.m