Goa Tourism Welcomes the First Charter Flight ‘Fly Dubai from Ukraine – Keive.


04/10/2014 …. Department of Tourism welcomed the Fly Dubai from Ukraine – Keive 1st Charter flight which arrived on 3rd of October 2014 at Dabolim Airport on Friday carrying 38 Charter Tourists.

In Indian style they were welcomed and greeted by the Mrs. Bharat Chodankar Asst Manager, Mr.Jacinto De’souza Information Assistant Goa Tourism along with Mr.Anil Thakur, Senior Manager AAI Goa.

A traditional reception with a Goan brass band was organised by Department of Goa Tourism to welcome the passengers. All the 38 tourists were greeted with roses as they walked into the airport. All the passengers were happy with the kind of warm welcome which they received from the Goa Tourism.

Everyone enjoyed the welcome with the Indian culture diya and tika. Diya and Tika is the symbol of respect and togetherness. All the passengers were given red roses and applied Tika on their forehead by the 2 hostesses. Refreshments were also offered to all the tourists.

They were excited and replied “Namaste” in return which is the Indian Language. A very warm welcome with the red roses, tika, Refreshments and playing of Brass Band reflected that we thank you for choosing Goa as your holiday destination and we hope you have a pleasant and enjoyable stay in Goa.


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