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15/08/2014 …. Goa offers variety of experiences for different types of travelers. Yes, we have heard of the famous Baga and Calangute beach, fort Aguada, Doodhsagar waterfalls, night markets, etc. It’s time we explore the side unknown! If you wish to do something different, here’s a list of unexplored and undisturbed destinations for you!

1) Bamanbudo Waterfalls: This spectacular waterfall is located in Canacona. Bamanbudo waterfall flows down along the rocks looking more like a waterslide than a waterfall. The waterfall flows right by the roadside and is easily accessible. Since the water slides down the rocks, there is no well at the bottom and bathing is fun due to the force of the water. Other than this, there are streams rushing down the slopes, churning out milky foam amidst the breathtaking scenery.

2) Chorla Ghats: Chorla Ghat is located right on the north-eastern side of the Goa-Karnataka-Maharashtra boundaries. Chorla ghat is a tropical forest and now a eco-tourism destination. It is a part of the Western Ghats in the Sahyadri mountain range. Tourists can go explore, go bird watching, butterfly spotting and enjoy nothing but pure nature. It’s an excellent weekend getaway destination especially the neighboring states.

3) Agonda Beach: One of secret beaches of Goa located down south is the Agonda beach famous for the Cabo de Rama fort. The Agonda beach in Canacona is a popular spot for angling. Soormai, salmon and mullet are frequent catches. A perfect place to unwind from the busy crowded beaches, this beach is a small paradise in Goa. The nice long pristine stretch makes it the most ideal place for swimming and sunbathing. Food and accommodation is also pretty reasonable. If you are looking for peace and tranquility, Agonda beach is just right place to be!

4) Netravalli – Bubbling lake: This is an interesting lake in Sanguem taluka called the Netravali Bubbling lake It has continuous bubbles emerging on the lake surface and upon clapping the intensity of the bubbles grow with live springs suddenly gushing out in full spectacle.
5) Chapora fort – This fort got popularizes by the movie Dil Chata hai. It is located in north Goa, over-looking the Chapora river. It is a pleasant place to wander and offers an excellent view across the Chapora river to vagator beach and far out in the Arabian sea.

6) Savoi spice plantations: Savoi spice gardens are completely organic and uses absolutely no chemicals in pesticides or fertilizers. A guide explains the intricacies of growing spices, their uses and also demonstrates the distillation process by which the juice of cashew apples is used to make delectable Goan urak and feni. The distillery is at the entrance of the spice garden.

7) Carambolim Lake: The Carambolim lake is another important habitat of birds that live in the inland freshwater bodies and marshes which include the vast expanse of irrigated paddy fields. These water bodies & marshes support a wide variety of water flow and also irrigate the surrounding paddy fields which in turn provide an excellent habitat for waders.The representative species include various species of migratory ducks, agile jacanas, raucous moorhens, occasional harriers, restless pipits and wagtails and patient kingfishers.

8) Cumbarjua canal: The only place in Goa where crocodiles can actually be seen in the wild. The huge deadly-looking crocodiles with dagger-teeth are seen in the wild right here in Goa in the narrow creek that intrudes into the thick mangrove jungle near Cumbarjua village. Most crocodiles that live heres pend their days sunbathing on the muddy banks of the canal watching visitors pass by in their canoes.

9) Bat Island: Located just a kilometer from Vasco, the Pequeno Island is also known as the bat island. These are one of the few places that offer snorkeling in Goa depending on the clear weather and visibility. One can hop in the water and roam the underwater world on a snorkel adventure. The tour operators provide training equipment’s for snorkeling.

10) Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary: The epicenter for all creatures small and natural in Goa is the Mollem National park and the Bhagvan Mahaveer wildlife sanctuary. It is a Seventh heaven for reptile researchers. The Mollem National park offers trails of various degrees from easy to highly difficult and regular sightings of Leopard, Gaur and sloth bears amongst others.


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