Goa will be a global beach volleyball destination: Soares



21-01-2014 … : Goa could soon emerge as a global beach volleyball destination according to Irwin Soares tournament director and chairman beach volleyball at the Lusofonia Games 2014. Even before the first smash is slammed on the golden sand at Miramar beach,

Soares claims that offers have already started coming in from across the globe for holding beach volleyball tourneys in Goa.

 “Beach volleyball is a wonderful event and Goa is the most appropriate place for beach volleyball, and it is going to be marked on the world map. We have been getting offers for international events in Goa and are very happy with the press as they are promoting us. Lusofonia Games have not even started and we are getting offers,” Soares claims, stating that beach volleyball arrangements can be compared to the best in the world.

 Soares also said that the sport will be played out over seven to eight days with Portugal, Angola,Sri Lanka and India being the top teams and would be a great attraction during the Lusofonia Games 2014.

Pradeep John, competition manager, beach volley ball, said that from January 22-26 over 50 matches would be played at Miramar during the competitions .

 “Four matches are going to be held in the morning session. Then there will be a break and the next session will start at 4.30 pm,” he said, claiming that the break had been planned in a way so as to avoid the day’s heat.

 “There are three practice courts and a practice schedule is given to the participating teams and there is ample of time for them to practice,” John further said.

 According to team Goa-India’s head coach Surya Sawant, India’s chances of winning a medal in the sport are good. “We have very good teams. Their performance has improved and there is a positive sign in their capability and their ability to perform. I’m sure they will make Goans proud,” Sawant said.