Goan Reporter News: Aldona MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira takes up desilting of Visarjan and de-weeding points below Tar Bridge

Aldona MLA Adv Carlos Alvares Ferreira took up desilting of the area below the Tar Bridge and de-weeding of certain points in the river on Sunday.
An amphibious machine was brought to execute the work. “We had assured the people that we would take up desilting below the Tar Bridge as there are a lot of Ganesh idol visarjans that happen here. The amphibian machine can be operated in a water body. This is the first time in Goa’s history that this machine has come to north Goa. I am happy and grateful to the state government, WRD minister Subhash Shirodkar, Chief Engineer Pramod Badami, executive engineer Nazareth Vaz, assistant engineer Suresh Parulekar and Avinash Azgaonkar who have been always helpful in executing works without delay for giving us this machine for the betterment of the people,” He also said that desilting and deweeding of the visarjan points at Pomburpa and Ucassaiam will also be taken up, despite certain obstacles.
“Using the machine, we will also take up de-weeding that is blocking the river at the Tar Bridge, and then they will move towards the next visarjan point at Bastora. There is a demand for Ucassaim and Pomburpa also. But due to the size of the machine and the crane touching the overhead power wires, we cannot undertake the work. But we are trying to see what best can be done as these 2 areas as it requires a big boom. This is the only type of amphibious machine that can go in this areas. But if it is not possible this time, we will definitely execute it at Ucasssaim and Pomburpa the next time. I am trying to see what best can be done so that people can enjoy Ganesh Chaturthi,” Ferreira added.


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