Goan Reporter News: Unique Youth Entrepreneurship and Empowerment program in Goa

Goa state under the leadership of the Chief Minister, Sri Pramod Sawant is taking specific steps, on-the-ground, to train and educate the aspiring youth in experiential entrepreneurship. The program is designed to implement the grand vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana.
Goa Livelihoods Forum (GLF), under the stewardship of known social worker, Asha Vernekar, has embarked on a dynamic partnership with the Directorate of Industries, Trade and Commerce (DITC) and are implementing a transformative year-long Youth Enterprise Program (YEP), meticulously designed to empower and equip the youth and particularly the young women of Goa with the skills and knowledge necessary to flourish as successful business entrepreneurs.
What sets this program apart is the invaluable contribution of leading global technology giants such as Google, Microsoft, and SAP. GLF has enabled their participation in providing expertise and resources to enhance the overall program, ensuring that the youth of Goa receive international standard training and mentorship in entrepreneurship. Through strategic collaborations with the global tech giants, the program now includes cutting-edge training modules that harness the power of digital innovation, data analytics, and emerging technologies. Participants are exposed to the latest trends and best practices in business development, enabling them to harness the full potential of the digital age.
The training and mentoring sessions are being conducted every week at the prestigious Business School of Goa University. The young and enterprising youths of Goa are not only nurtured in traditional business principles but also introduced to the transformative capabilities of technology, thus positioning them for success in the dynamic and competitive entrepreneurial landscape.


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