Goan Reporter News: Brucellosis vaccination programme from 12th September.


The Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, Panaji Goa has implemented “Brucellosis Vaccination Programme under National Animal Disease Control Programme (NADCP)” a Government of India Scheme.

In this connection, the said 30 days Brucellosis vaccination programme (3rd round) will commence from September 12, 2023 and will continue till October 11, 2023 wherein all efforts are being made to vaccinate all the cattle and buffalo Female calves population between the age group of 4 to 8 months including stray animals. The post vaccination sera samples will be collected from selected villages to ascertain the immune status of the herd.

As per the guidelines it is mandatory to Eartag all the vaccinated animals for identification.

The dairy farmers are requested to extend their full hearted cooperation to the teams/staff of the Department in this endeavor of immunization of the entire  cattle and buffalo calves population in the State with a view to eradicate Brucella Disease which is highly contagious and Zoonotic causing high economic losses in milk production, draught power, growth and reproduction.


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