Goan Reporter News: Distribution of North Goa Election Roll 2024

Additional Collector-II, Shri. Rohit Kadam, alongside Deputy Collector (Elections) North Goa, Shri. Ishwar Madkaikar, distributed the Final Election Roll 2024 to various Political Parties. The distribution ceremony took place at the Conference Hall of the Collectorate in North Goa District.
The compiled Election Roll encompasses a total of 544,548 eligible voters spread across 19 constituencies in North Goa. The demographic breakdown includes 264,103 male voters, 280,442 female voters, and 3 transgender individuals exercising their right to vote.
Statistics from the Election Roll reveal a youth demographic of 18 to 19-year-olds, totalling 10,130 eligible voters.
New voters can enroll and avail their right, stated Shri Rohit Kadam, Additional Collector-II, emphasizing the significance of an inclusive electoral system.


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