Goan Reporter News: Government Embraces Digital Innovation with E-Gazette launch at the hands of Minister Rohan Khaunte

The Department of Printing & Stationery is proud to announce the launch of the E-Gazette/E-Publishing Portal, a groundbreaking initiative poised to revolutionise the traditional method of publishing the Government of Goa Gazette. This transition to a paperless, eco-friendly, e-publication mode marks a significant stride towards enhanced convenience and transparency for both citizens and government departments.
Key features of the E-Gazette portal include Streamlined Publication Process:Government departments and the public can now directly upload notifications, notices, and other relevant information onto the portal, streamlining the publication process and eliminating paperwork; Digital Directory:The E-Gazette Portal will serve as a comprehensive digital directory, offering easy access to all official Government gazettes. This centralized repository ensures efficient organization and retrieval of crucial information and Public Accessibility: The online portal enables public access and download of Gazette notifications issued by the Government of Goa, fostering a more transparent and inclusive governance model.
By embracing digital innovation, the Government is committed to creating a more sustainable, efficient, and citizen-centric publication process. The E-Gazette Portal reflects our dedication to modernizing administrative practices and embracing environmentally conscious initiatives.


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