Goan Reporter News: Governor Extends Goa Statehood Day Greetings


Governor of Goa Shri. P. S. Sreedharan Pillai has extended his heartiest greetings and warm wishes to each and every citizen of Goa. On the momentous occasion of Goa Statehood Day.

Governor in his message has said 30th May is indeed a memorable day in the political history of Goa, for it was on this day in 1987 when Goa became the 25th State of the Indian Union. In December, 1961, Goa was liberated from the colonial rule but major controversy arose as to whether Goa should remain a separate territory or should merge into neighbouring States of Karnataka or Maharashtra. Therefore, the opinion poll was held in 1967, the only referendum in Independent India which decided that Goa, Daman & Diu should remain a separate entity with the status of a Union Territory. Thereafter, all major political parties sought Statehood for Goa. It was on 30th May, 1987 that erstwhile Union Territory of Goa was accorded status of State through the Constitution (56th Amendment) Act, 1987. Achieving Statehood was a long and much cherished dream of the people of Goa, which was rightfully fulfilled in a truly democratic manner. Statehood gave to the people of Goa a distinct identity and individuality, besides providing them ample opportunities to shape the destiny of their land.

On this joyous occasion, let us pay tribute to the countless Goans who have worked tirelessly to shape our State’s destiny. I would like to tell them that the people of Goa will forever remain grateful to them and continue to acknowledge and recognize their struggle for achieving Statehood. The emergence of Statehood in 1987 is a milestone in the journey to maintain its distinct heritage. The inclusion of Konkani in the 8th Schedule of Indian Constitution further cemented the individuality of the State. I compliment all leaders and people of Goa for having fought hard to preserve and protect this exclusive identity.

The Governor said Goa has succeeded in making tremendous development in almost all sectors since being granted statehood. Over the years, Goa has transformed into a vibrant and progressive State, contributing significantly to the socio-economic fabric of our nation. The resilience and hard work of the people of Goa have turned challenges into opportunities, making it a shining example of development and prosperity.

The tourism sector is one of the main drivers of the Goan economy. Goa is renowned world over as a top tourist destination. Goa is endowed with rich flora and fauna. Besides, the State has vibrant culture and heritage. Further, the people of Goa are friendly and peace loving. Different communities in Goa have existed in complete harmony. This combined with Goa’s extraordinary beauty has made it a world famous tourist destination.

The Governor expressed happiness to state that Goa has achieved major  infrastructure development and this feat of engineering marvel now also ranks high in the major achievements of our State in the form of roads, railways, two operational airports with modern amenities/technologies and New Zuari Bridge with 8 Lane Cable, 4 Lanes on each side.

The State of Goa has been awarded 1st place under the Small State Category in the ‘State Food Safety Index’ of the FSSAI for the 5th consecutive year.

Today, the State of Goa has become the front runner and best performing State in all the Sectors and soon we will see our beautiful State achieve the distinction of becoming one of the few States in the country to become “SMART STATE”.

The Governor further said that Goa is the only State to have a model Primary Health Centre (Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission compliant) fully digital and having end-to-end paperless process right from patient registration to medicine dispensing and has also received “Ayushman Utkrishtata Puraskaar 2022” for Top Performing State for Maximum Saturation in Public Healthcare Facility Registry. The State of Goa has also been appreciated by National Health Authority for being an early adopter State for initiating microsites under “100 Microsites Project”. Goa became a first State in the country to move to upfront molecular testing (NAAT) for all presumptive TB patients from Dec 2020.

The State successfully hosted the 37th National Games and first time in the history of the Games, Goa secured the 9thposition in the Medal Tally winning a record 27 Gold, 27 Silver and 38 Bronze Medal.

The State of Goa hosted several prestigious G20 meetings. The meetings covered various topics and every meeting was well-organised and successful in every aspect.

 On this occasion, I would like to take this opportunity to warmly congratulate and compliment the people of Goa for their intense interest, abiding faith and participative approach to the strengthening of democratic principle and democratic way of life. It is a matter of gratification that recently, the Lok Sabha elections were conducted peacefully, transparently and in a safe manner in the State.

On this memorable occasion, the Governor said it is indeed a proud moment for him to inform that Raj Bhavan Goa undertook its mission with vision to revive and propagate the Indian ancient Art of dwarfing trees. Initially, Raj Bhavan, Goa started “Vaman Vriksha Kala Udyan” also popularly known as “Bonsai Garden” on the lawns of Raj Bhavan with 72 potted trees. This ancient Indian creative art is inspired by the very celestial being of “Vamana”.  Further, Raj Bhavan also took initiative in promoting our old traditional Vaman Vriksha Kala in our youths inculcating interest in school children by arranging Vaman Vriksha Kala Udyan open for visit of school children and tourists with their kids. Now I am extremely happy to inform that, soon Raj Bhavan, Goa is going to become one of the biggest “Bonsai Gardens” in the public premises in the country with a collection of 1000 plants.

The Governor said the State of Goa has wonderful heritage. One of the distinctive features of Art Heritage has been the prevalence of “Kaavi Art”, which is a traditional technique of painting, very unique to Goa and is visible in temples, churches and some of heritage homes in Goa but unfortunately, this art form is disappearing and gradually dying out due to lack of patronage and practicing artists. In an effort to support, protect, promote and encourage the budding artists from Goa about this rich, beautiful and diverse culture of Goa’s heritage, Raj Bhavan organized a four day workshop on “Kaavi Art” at Raj Bhavan. During this Kaavi Art workshop, I am impressed to know that around 25 artists are ready to shoulder the responsibility of preserving this traditional art and promoting the almost vanished Goan endemic art known as “Kaavi Art”. On this occasion, the Governor felicitated and disbursed financial assistance to Twenty Five artists who participated in four days Kaavi Art Workshop including instructor, Shri Sagar Naik Mule. The workshop is an endeavour by Raj Bhavan to contribute to the efforts being made by heritage lovers to protect and promote this dying unique “Kaavi Art” and to create awareness about this art to rest of the country and the world.

Further, the Governor also  felicitated and disbursed financial assistance to Goan artisans practicing traditional skilled/ Goan occupations like Xettkar (Farmer); Rendyer (Toddy tapper); Weaver (Bamboo Work); Padeli (Goan Coconut & Betel Nut Plucker); Coconut Jaggery (Goddkars); Fulkar (Flower Craft); Lavo Mandri (Mat Weaving); Coir Making, etc. since it is observed that Goan society is characterized by several unique facets. One of them is the diverse traditional occupations that constitute an important fabric of Goa’s rich culture and heritage. Many of these traditional occupations have been a characteristic of Goan society from time immemorial. However, it is unfortunate that in these modern times, these traditional professions have been gradually diminishing and some of them are near extinction due to changing times and modernity. Therefore, Raj Bhavan has taken the initiative to protect, preserve and promote these skills/occupations for posterity.

On this memorable day, the Governor has urged the people of Goa to work with renewed vision, co-operation and commitment to make Goa the most modern and progressive State of India and thereby contribute to the national mainstream in every way the Governor concluded.