Goan Reporter News: Governor Extends Greetings on Easter


Governor of Goa, Shri. P.S. Sreedharan Pillai has extended his heartiest greetings to the people of Goa, particularly the Christian brethren on the auspicious occasion of Easter.

Governor Shri. Pillai in his message said that the day of Easter marks the Resurrection of Jesus, three days after his death. Easter is the ultimate sign and divine symbol of victory over forces of death, darkness and evil.

The Governor has further stated that Jesus Christ preached the eternal values of love, compassion, brotherhood, responsibility and forgiveness. In the present-day-world, afflicted with many man-made evils, the messages of Jesus Christ can help to transform us and guide us to lead a more meaningful, peaceful and happy life.

On this holy and pious occasion, let us all pledge to strive for the welfare of others and let peace and harmony prevail. May the celebration of Easter this year inspire everyone to win over sin and bring greater peace, prosperity, happiness and unity among the all, the Governor concluded.


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