Goan Reporter News: Narali Poornima organized by Department of Fisheries


Minister of Fisheries Shri Nilkanth Halarnkar offered Coconut to the sea after performing the rituals to calm the sea God on the occasion of Narali Poornima organized by Department of Fisheries at Captain of Ports jetty today.

Addressing the media, Shri Nilkanth said every year department of Fisheries celebrate Narali Poornima .He said fishing communities  on this day offers prayers to  the sea God asking for their smooth and safe journey while  they are  out in the sea .

Wishing for a prosperous fishing season ahead Shri Nilkanth anticipated that Fishermen will get a good catch so that our Goan will get fish at a cheaper price.

On this occasion, Shri Nilkhant also launched social media handles of fisheries department.

Shri Sarpreet Singh Gill, IAS, Secretary, Fisheries, Shri Deepesh Priolkar, Director, Department of Fisheries and Shri Chandrakant Velip, Deputy Director, Department of Fisheries also attended the celebration.


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