Goan Reporter News: NFDC to look after all Film activities


The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has informed that all operations of Films Division Activities under the mandate of Films Division have been transferred to NFDC, except activities related to Public Service Awareness (PSA) Films.

It may be informed that the activities carried out by erstwhile Films Division, related to screening of PSA Films in Cinema Theatres as per the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) issued by the Ministry and the issuance of ‘Approved Film Exhibition Certificate’ to exhibitors/licensees/digital cinema agencies has been examined by the Ministry and it has been decided with the approval of Competent Authority that these activities will be carried out by Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) through its Regional Offices.

Many short films/public service awareness films are prepared by various Central Ministries/Departments to commemorate events or publicize programmes or campaigns related to their Ministry. These films are of good quality and have a public message as well.  In view of this, it has been directed to all Ministries/Departments to share such films with the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting for release in cinema theatres for proper and increased dissemination in public. In this regard Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been issued by the Ministry includes,

The film to be released should be identified by the concerned Ministry. Broadly, the film should be of good quality and carry a public awareness message and be worthy of dissemination through public exhibition in cinema theatres of the country.

The duration of film should be up to 2 minutes or less.

Due approvals for the screening of film may be obtained by the concerned Ministry at its own level.  The film so identified should be certified by the Central Board of Film Certification.

For certification, the concerned Ministry may nominate a nodal officer, who will apply for the certification from CBFC and seek the certificate.

CBFC applications may be submitted online on ecinepraman.in.

The digital file of the PSA film with due approvals of the competent authority and CBFC certificate may be sent to the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting for release in theatres.

In case the film is designed for a specific State/UT/group of States/language, the same may be mentioned in the request to the Ministry of I&B so that it is sent for screening in the concerned focus States only.


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