Goan Reporter News: SCPC meeting emphasizes consumer awareness and rights


The First meeting of the State Consumer Protection Council was held under the chairmanship of Minister for Civil Supplies, Shri Ravi Naik, at Secretariat, Porvorim.

Shri Ravi Naik, Chairman & Minister for Civil Supplies, acknowledging the significance of the gathering emphasized the importance of raising awareness about consumer rights among both Goan residents and visiting tourists. This move aims to empower consumers and ensure their protection in the marketplace.

Shri Sanjit Rodrigues, IAS, Secretary, Civil Supplies, highlighted the fundamental accountability of all departments that interact with the public. He underscored the collective responsibility in upholding and safeguarding consumer rights, emphasizing the need for every department to contribute actively in this endeavour.

A range of valuable suggestions emerged during the meeting. One key focus area was the implementation of effective strategies to enhance public understanding of consumer rights and protection. Suggestions also encompassed using social media and other communication channels to educate the public about recent changes in various consumer-related Acts. To streamline complaint filing or documents, participants proposed the creation of dedicated platforms to assist local consumers with E-filing, since E-filing is mandatory. Additionally, plans were discussed to conduct training programs for guidance, introduce integrated flying squads within the State Council, and establish subcommittees for the prompt resolution of public grievances. It was also proposed and agreed to celebrate a consumer literacy day on September 8th, coinciding with International Literacy Day.

The State Council, consisting of 34 members, represents a diverse array of departments, including the Department of Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration, Legal Metrology, and Bureau of Indian Standards. These departments presented insightful discussions on topics such as the Consumer Protection Act 2019, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, Legal Metrology & Packaged Commodities Rules, and the BIS Act. Through these presentations, participants gained a comprehensive understanding of recent legislative changes and their implications.


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